Europeans criticize Trump for their election allegations


European officials, in total disbelief at the chaos surrounding the United States presidential election, Has been trying hard to stay out of it in recent months.

“We don’t want anything to do with the bad elections that I held,” said one Kiev official. He told BuzzFeed News last week, To sum up the feelings of an anxious continent that has seen its alliance with the United States erode under President Donald Trump.

But after The president declared victory prematurely Just hours after the polls closed, prompting false allegations of mass fraud, many of the United States’ closest allies can no longer be silent.

With several states still not formally decided on Wednesday morning, German Defense Minister Angret Kramp-Karenbauer called the US elections.A very explosive situationHe warned of the possibility of a “constitutional crisis”.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was a bit more optimistic, urging patience and saying that the UK had full confidence in the checks and balances of the US election process.

“We need to be patient and wait to see who wins the US elections,” he said chirp, Warning that “it is important to give the process sufficient time to reach a conclusion.”

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Not everyone was so restricted. Alexander Stubb, the former prime minister of Finland, described the election as a “stress test” for American democracy. “I still want to believe in it [the] The resilience of its democratic institutions, but I am concerned about the speech we just heard from realDonaldTrump, ” chirp.

Nicola Sturgeon, also First Minister for Scotland chirp Her anxiety and she took a sharp blow at Trump’s party. “Critical hours and days ahead for the integrity of American democracy,” she said. “Let’s hope we start hearing the voices of Republicans who understand the importance of this.”

The right-wing Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansa, appears to be the only EU leader or senior official to openly support Trump, whose wife was born in the central European country.

“It is very clear that the American people have elected realDonaldTrumpMike_Pence for another 4 years,” Wrote On Twitter, which led the social network to categorize it as disinformation.

In addition to Trump’s attempt to undermine the election result, there has also been concern about what instability means for Europe’s stability.

The “deep polarization” of the United States, chirp Manfred Weber, the German politician who leads the European People’s Party, the largest political group in the European Parliament, should be a “warning” to the European Union. “If we lose the ability to make concessions, our democracies are in danger,” he wrote.

And some European officials were concerned that the uncertainty surrounding the elections could be in the interests of the United States’ opponents, particularly Russia, which is eager to see the European Union torn apart.

“Champagne cork appeared in Moscow and Beijing,” chirp Jörg Wogan, chief European commission official in Germany, might be referring to Wet champagne party Hosted by a Russian extremist lawmaker after Trump’s surprise 2016 victory.

Russia appears to be enjoying a strong early lead from Trump, with a leading state-run TV news program calling for the race overnight. “Biden is ahead at the moment, but he has practically no chance,” the news anchor wrongly said. He told the viewers Before A. Trump-inspired dance On air.

However, when results in major battlefield states began to paint a picture that seemed to seem like Biden’s chances were improving, the tone changed in Moscow.

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Kremlin-controlled RT TV, expressed her frustration.

“It is neither free nor fair,” she said chirp, After a series of Tweets full of false information About the elections.

The Kremlin’s preference for Trump is clear. According to US intelligenceEven Russian President Vladimir Putin Openly admit That Trump was his favorite in 2016.

However, as pre-election polls indicated Biden winning, the Russian leader appeared to be hedging in his bets. Reject Trump’s accusations That the Biden family has engaged in criminal behavior in Eastern Europe.

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Contacted by BuzzFeed News on the eve of the election, Konstantin Killimnik – the mysterious Russian-Ukrainian political activist whom the office of former Special Adviser Robert Mueller accused of plotting to obstruct justice and obstruct justice, and whom the FBI said had “ties to Russia” intelligence – tried to play the Biden presidency As something the Kremlin would really welcome.

Reason? Senior officials in Moscow, such as the Kremlin’s First Deputy Chief of Staff Sergei Kiriyenko, “know the leading figures in the GDR.”[ocratic] Killimnick told BuzzFeed News via WhatsApp.

Moreover, he claimed that Russia’s political elite was “dying to go.” [back] To business as usual, ”and“ they think Biden is the man who would be okay with him, ”he said.

However, Biden described Russia as being The biggest threat to the national security of the United States He suggested that he would take a tougher approach to Moscow than Trump.

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