Ensure that digital technologies are “a force for good,” says Guterres in his International Day message |


In his message about World Telecommunication and Information Sciences DayThe United Nations Secretary-General, which is celebrated annually on May 17, has called for action to overcome both the pandemic and the digital divide.

Innovative and preventive

Digital technologies preserve the life, work, health and learning of billions of people. In a confrontation Covid-19, Companies, governments and the digital community have proven to be resilient and innovative, helping to protect lives and livelihoods. These difficult times have sped up transformation everywhere.

However, the Secretary-General reports that about 3.7 billion people, or nearly half of the world’s population, are still not connected to the Internet. Most of them are women.

“They must also be included if we are to make the capabilities of 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT, digital health and other technologies that can be truly transformative and sustainable,” he said.

“We must also protect against the dangers of digital technologies, from the spread of hate and disinformation to cyberattacks and the exploitation of our data.”

Encouraging investment

World Telecommunication and Informatics Day coincides with the signing in 1865 of an agreement to form the International Telegraph Union (Which – which), Making it the first modern international organization in the world.

The Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union, Houlin Zhao, said that the United Nations agency will use this day to unite the world in the pursuit of digital transformation in all areas of business and life.

“It will be an opportunity to enhance national strategies for developing information and communication technology, implementing smart policies and effective measures to encourage investment in information and communication technology and digital skills, and upgrading our services with new technologies ranging from artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) to the fifth generation that are essential in the digital economy,” he said. at Video message.

Comprehensive and affordable for everyone

Last June, the United Nations released a Roadmap for digital cooperation It outlines eight key actions, including achieving global connectivity by 2030.

Mr. Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said that the roadmap, together with the vital work of the International Telecommunication Union, aims to make digital transformation just, safe, inclusive and affordable for all, while also respecting human rights.

“On World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, let us commit to work together to beat COVID-19 and ensure that digital technologies are a force for good that help us achieve Sustainable Development Goals Leave no one behind. ”

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