Either the Republicans are eerily quiet or their votes are not being recorded, Kristin Clark emphasized


President Joe Biden also extended his congratulations to Clark:No one is better to lead the Civil Rights Department at the Ministry of Justice, “he wrote on Twitter.” I know that they will work tirelessly to advance civil rights and push our nation closer to the foundational ideals of freedom, justice, and equality for all. “


Senate Judicial Committee chirp: “Not only is she the eminently qualified and ideal person to advance our civil rights and restore credibility in the oath, she is the first black woman to take on this role.”


NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Books Prof. Message in support Confirm Clark in April of Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley. “Miss. Clark was a respected member of the LDF staff from March 2006 to August 2011. During that time, she worked tirelessly to advance the LDF’s mission, particularly in the areas of voting rights and political participation,” the Legal Defense Fund said in the letter. And those feelings were echoed after her confirmation.

During her tenure at LDF, Kristen Clark sued some of our most high-profile voting rights cases, including MUD v.Holder, which upheld the constitutionality of Section 5 of (the Voting Rights Act), “the Defense Fund wrote.

Section 5 of the Voting Rights Acts was created in 1965 to create a formula that is used to determine which states require prior authorization from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to change any voting-related element in Protected jurisdiction. Republicans are currently stalling re-delegating the Voting Rights Act after they earlier pushed for a Supreme Court-backed effort to accommodate key elements of the law in Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder. Clark Books In 2013, the resolution “proved to be one of the most destructive provisions of the past decade … the effect of the opinion was to render Section 5 – perhaps the most effective civil rights provision in the modern era – unenforceable.”

The Legal Defense Fund praised her involvement in the case. ”The breadth and depth of Kristen Clark’s work is unparalleled. ”“ Her litigation and advocacy experience in critical civil rights issues is exactly the kind of leadership and experience required now in the Department of Justice. ”


But for Senate Republicans, stopping Clark’s assertion appears to have more significance than influencing actual change. It. Ted Cruz And other Republicans Circulated a quote From writer Amiri Baraka and attributing him to Clark just because she sent an email from Baraka in 1999. In the email, Baraka called the police as Ku Klux Klan. In another failed attempt to discredit Clark’s impeccable record, Senator John Cornyn asked during the course: Confirmation session If while studying at Harvard, she “argued that African Americans are genetically superior to ah [sic] Caucasians. “

Clark replied, “There is no Senator, I think you refer to an opinion piece I wrote at the age of 19 on Bill Curve’s theory, a racist book equating DNA with genes and race. As a black student at Harvard University at the time, we committed grave offense to this book. It was co-authored by a Harvard professor … and this article opens with an ironic reference to the statement I just noticed.

Clark added: “What I was trying to do was raise the mirror, and put a racial theory side by side to challenge people about why we do not want to reject the racial theory that defined Bill Curve’s book.”


She said during her affirmation hearing that she has been known to have wanted to become a civil rights attorney since high school. “My journey to this hearing room today may not be an obvious one,” she said. “My junior year in high school began, when a teacher picked me up and my classmates in a truck and drove us to a court in Hartford, Connecticut, to hear arguments in what turned out to be the school’s desegregation case, Sheff v. O’Neill.”

“As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants who grew up humbly in Starrett City, the nation’s largest public housing complex in Brooklyn, New York, I had never been in a courtroom before. That moment was a powerful demonstration of the role civil rights lawyers play in our society. When I watched the lawyers demanding fairer and more equitable educational opportunities. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to become a civil rights lawyer. “

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