Does Kanye West use hypnosis to forget he’s married to Kim Kardashian?


he is Kanye West Using hypnosis to forget that he was married Kim kardashian ? This is the question many people are asking because of an upcoming article in the April 5, 2021 issue of Star Magazine. According to the post, Kanye West Sad and devastated by the breakdown of his marriage to the 40-year-old beautiful and mother of his four children. Kim and Kanye couldn’t get over the seven-year itch, the public meltdown and his failed presidential bid. Now, Starr reports that the devastation is so massive that he just wants to forget everything and undergo hypnotherapy to bypass his broken heart.

A source spoke for publication and stated the following.

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Kanye has tried this before [hypnotherapy] To fight certain fears and demons in his life. Now he wants to apply it to his marriage and clear the record and hit the restart button.

Neither Kim nor Kanye made public statements to the media about their impending divorce, although the topic was discussed in the final season of K With the Kardashian family .

It remains to be seen exactly how well hypnotherapy worked, and of course, he can never forget that he was married Kim kardashian . The source went on to say that he wanted to forget his intimate moments with Kim and simply view her as someone raising his kids with him.

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Kim seems to be having an easier time moving forward as she has been busy at work and filling her social media pages with revealing bikini shots. Does Kim advertise herself while she is looking for her next partner? Some say it won’t be as easy for Kim to find love again as it was after her previous divorce. Now, Kim has four children and she will be Kanye in her life regardless of whether they are divorced. This is too much for someone.

Some think Kim just needs a break from Kanye but he won’t pursue and finalize the divorce.

What do you think of the report? Do you think hypnotherapy would help Kanye West forget his marriage to Kim Kardashian? Do you think that Kanye and Kim will complete their divorce?

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