Cynthia Bailey talks about her interview with Wendy Williams, comments about NeNe Leakes, her reality TV future and her new July 4 partnership with Seagram’s! (exclusive)


# roommates, Cynthia Bailey She’s graced our TV screens for the past 11 seasons as a co-star on Bravo’s hit series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — but while talk surrounds what upcoming season will still be peaches, Cynthia gave us tea about the show, Wendy Williams’ recent viral interview, Her Comments About NeNe Leakes’ Ex-Best Friend And How She’s Celebrating 4The tenth July in a new partnership with Seagram’s!

Getting it right, Cynthia talked about being practically blind Written by Wendy Williams commenting that she should be fired and asking Cynthia who she would like to see never returns to the “RHOA” franchise. When we asked her if she still thought ex-boyfriend NeNe Leakes’ time on the show had passed, she said “I recently gave an interview to a blogger stating that I should never go back to RHOA and never be on RHOA” in the first place. This is the person I considered a friend for most of my time on the show. Friends or not, I always and openly have only positive things to say about her in relation to “RHOA”. So when Wendy asked me this question I said her name. At this point, I don’t have any concerns/ideas about whether or not her time on the show has passed, or thoughts/concerns about her in general. I have moved. “

Cynthia also stated what her future will hold if she does not return to “RHOA” for the next season and if she will consider doing reality TV again. Absolutely! Preferably not based on drama. I’ve been on RHOA consistently as a peach bearer for over a decade and would like to focus on the next chapter of my journey with a little less drama. I have some projects I can’t talk about yet on the table. On camera and behind the scenes I’ve also focused on my acting career. Bravo Company has been great for me. My journey with the show has been amazing. When my time is up, I’ll leave the same way I came, with gratitude, grace and class,” she said.

After getting past the drama and back to her happy place, Cynthia filled in on what life was like as her husband, Mike Hill. “Married life has been wonderful! We’ve been married for 8 months now, and are looking forward to celebrating our first anniversary 10/10/21. As a newlywed, I focus on finding the perfect balance between work and my personal life. Make time for each other, spend quality time together. As an entrepreneur, it’s a struggle because I’m always traveling and working. Mike is a good man and a good person. It is solid. Entire! I am very blessed. I have a husband, and a best friend. Cynthia tells us that we are not perfect but that we are perfect for each other.

Finally, Cynthia is making things bigger and better, like her brand new partnership with Seagram’s Escapes just in time for 4The tenth For July – including a new cocktail recipe perfect for summer. “I started working with Seagram’s Escapes in 2018. I just loved that it was a female-focused brand that really wanted to empower women only. It was a really natural fit for me. Together we launched my signature flavor – Peach Bellini – in 2019! Since its launch, it has become A drinker’s favorite Seagram’s Escapes!”

She’s also included a recipe to get ready for all your summer festivities:

“For the Fourth of July, I’m going to celebrate with an assortment of Italian icing from Seagram’s Escapes featuring cherry, lemon, and Italian icing with blueberries! This pack is so much fun for patriotic red, white and blue cocktails.

One of my favorites is Red White and Blue Slush:

Red white and blue slash: For each layer, mix in 2 cups of ice, 1 oz. Vodka and 1 glass of red, white or blue Italian ice – one topping for each color! Blend each layer separately until smooth. Store the mixtures in the freezer until you’re ready to make cocktails. Divide evenly among 4 cups, stacking red, white, and blue layers and enjoy! “

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