Covid Live: Brazil passes 500,000 deaths; 70% of adults in England should be fully vaccinated by 19 July | world News



Canada He’s gotten enough potential coronavirus vaccines to fully protect every resident nearly seven times over, even as global shortages have forced poor countries to wait.

After the initial hiccups with the vaccination plan, more than 65% of Canadians have now received at least one dose, ahead of early leaders Israel and the UK, and on Friday, Justin Trudeau said 68 million doses would reach Canada by the end of July.

But Canada’s recent pledge to donate 100 million doses to hard-hit countries, Highlight persistent questions about its commitment to address such grievances.

Despite large orders arriving from Pfizer and Moderna each week in Canada, the Trudeau government has instead offered other vaccines.

Despite large orders arriving from Pfizer and Moderna each week in Canada, the Trudeau government has instead offered other vaccines. Photo: The Canadian Press / REX / Shutterstock

However, details of the deliveries remain unclear, and of the 100 million pledged, 87 million doses reflect previously announced funding commitments — not actual physical doses ready for shipment. Only 13 million new actual doses will be sent to countries in need.

“This isn’t new money, and the vaccines don’t seem to have started moving right away, so it looks like it’s a little bit late,” said Isha Berry, a doctoral student in epidemiology at the university. Toronto.

The permanent shift to more work at home after the pandemic It will increase gender inequality in the workplace, according to experts at United kingdomUnless employers carefully monitor their new labor policies to ensure that women are not disadvantaged

Traditionally, more women than men—particularly those with children or care responsibilities—demanded flexible work. switch to Work from home The coronavirus shutdowns, 15 months later, have led to a lasting change in company culture, to the point where the British government has become Consider the legislation To make work at home the “default” option.

During Covid, millions of formerly employed employees have enjoyed more family time and I tasted life without moving.

Earlier in the pandemic, there were hopes that the widespread adoption of remote work might close the gender gap, while reducing the so-called “maternity penalty” and doing away with a culture of attendance.

Women's jobs can be damaged if their relationships with their managers are more fluid than their male colleagues

Women’s careers could be damaged if their relationship with their bosses is more fluid than their male colleagues Image: Joe Giddens/PA

Report: Covid strikes exceed one billion points in China


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