Coronavirus Live News: Pfizer and AstraZeneca jab provide protection against India Covid variant, PHE Find | world News


Dr Jenny Harris urged the public to exercise caution to avoid another lockdown, warning that the new Indian variant has become “the dominant dynasty” in some parts of the country.

She told BBC One Andrew Marsh Show: “It looks good if people keep watching all safety signals, so we shouldn’t stop doing what we’re doing, especially in areas where we have this kind of anxiety, which is B1617.2, in.” Northwest and around London.

“It’s really important for people to keep doing hands, face, space, and work from home, get vaccinations and go get tested, too.

“The cases of the B1617.2 variable are on the rise, they have risen very sharply and a lot of the media have reported a 160% increase in cases over the week period but it appears to be leveling a bit at the moment. It’s still too early.”

“We all need to be very careful and I think we all don’t want to go back to the kind of lockdowns we have had, and it doesn’t matter whether you use Sage or out in public, none of us wants to go back to that kind of restriction,” said Dr. Harry.

From June 21 at the earliest, the nightclubs are scheduled to reopen and restrictions on large events such as festivals will be lifted, as will restrictions on the number of people at weddings.

Dr Harris cautioned that caution was needed because the new Indian breed was creating a “mixed picture” across the UK.

She added: “If you look at areas like Bolton and Bedford, for example, in the Northwest in particular, it has started to become the dominant dynasty and has taken hold of the Kent variant, which was predominant in us during the winter months.

“But this is not the case across the country, in fact if you are in the southwest, that is not the case.”

However, Professor Adam Fenn, a member of the Intergovernmental Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, believes there may be an “amendment” to lift restrictions on June 21.

In response to a question about the likelihood of lifting measures on that date, he told the Times Radio on Sunday: “We are in a race with the vaccine program against the virus.

“We know that we are leaving the virus by spreading it now, and we know that we are progressing well with the vaccine program, but I think there will be a need for an adjustment of some kind.”


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