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Step 1, part 1

As of March 8, all students and college students are fully back. Nursing home residents can receive one named regular visitor.

Step 1, Part 2

As of March 29, outdoor gatherings have allowed up to six people, or two families if that’s larger, not only in the parks but also in the parks. Outdoor sports are permitted for children and adults. The official stay-at-home order ends, but people will be encouraged to stay local. People will still be required to work from home where possible, with travel abroad not permitted beyond the current small number of exceptions.

Step 2

Starting April 12th, retail, hairdressing and nail salons and some public buildings such as libraries and commercial art galleries can reopen. Most of the outdoors, including bars and restaurants, can be opened, but only to outdoor tables and beer gardens. Customers have to be seated but there will be no need to have a meal with alcohol.

Settings such as zoos and parks are also reopening. However, social contact rules will still apply here, so there is no indoor mixing between families and outdoor mixing limits. Indoor leisure facilities like gyms and swimming pools can also be opened, but again people cannot go alone or with their family. Unaccompanied vacation vacations are also allowed to reopen, but only for one family. Funerals can hold up to 30 people while weddings, receptions and wake-up parties can hold up to 15.

Step 3

Again with the warning “not before May 17,” depending on current data, vaccination levels and transmission rates.

Step 3 entails that most outdoor mixing rules be lifted, with a maximum of 30 people meeting in parks or gardens. Internal mixing will be allowed for up to six people or two families if there are more people. Indoor venues such as bars, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, play centers, cinemas and group exercise classes will reopen. The new mixing boundaries will remain indoor and outdoor for bars and other hospitality venues.

For the sport, the indoor stadiums can hold up to 1,000 spectators or half the capacity, whichever is less; Outdoors, the maximum would be 4,000 people or half the capacity, whichever is lower. Very large outdoor seating places, such as large soccer fields, where crowds can spread, will have a maximum of 10,000 people, or a quarter full, whichever is less. Weddings of a maximum of 30 people are allowed, and other occasions such as christening parties and weddings are also permitted.

This will be the earliest date on which international holidays can be resumed, and it is subject to a separate review.

Step 4

No later than June 21, all legal restrictions on mixing will be removed, and the last sectors that remain closed, such as nightclubs, will reopen. Big events can happen.

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