Conor Brennan joins Bachelor in Heaven after being dumped by Katie Thurston!


From the moment he jumped out of the limo dressed as a cat, Conor Brennan became an instant fan favorite on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

He and Katie made a splash from the start, and for most of the season, he was considered the front-runner in the race for the final rose.

So it was such a big shock when Katie kicked him to the sidewalk After a one-on-one date where the two simply didn’t surprise them.

Fortunately, there is an initially silver lining to Connor B – and it comes in the form of dozens of bikini-clad singles!

Yes, Connor is the latest outcast from The Bachelorette to join Bachelor in Heaven Season 7.

And while a math teacher in Illinois might take a while to adjust to the tropical climate, we’re sure Connor the cat would make the most of the second shot in love.

(Speaking of cold climates, is it just us, or is there, like, a is yours Canadians in Katie’s Season? It may explain the increased literature among men.)

Connor crying

So far, the only other dude from the current season who will cast on BiP is Carl Smith.

You may remember Carl as the liar who thought he could give himself a better chance by playing weird head games with Katie.

Great strategy, brother!

Needless to say, Carl probably won’t be very popular in Paradise, and he’ll likely be back in the “motivational speaker” circle before long.

On the other hand, Connor has the power to change the rules of the game.

Hell, this guy was so loved at home that the other guys were crying when he was sent home.

Of course, Paradise Island is a very different environment than Regency life in New Mexico.

We don’t know what Connor looks like wearing his shirt.

But even if the guy doesn’t find his match this summer, we’re sure he’ll have plenty of eligible bachelors eagerly awaiting his return to the prairie state.

“How could Katie Connor send me home? My heart is broken. He was such a good guy,” an onlooker tweeted after Brennan sent packages.

Another added, “I’d rather F-King see the conductor on BIP or I’ll shout #TheBacheloretteABC.”

One person was so eloquent in his assessment of Connor’s plight that Katie felt the need to sign it.

This person wrote on Twitter: “This could have been the saddest episode in Bachelor/Bachelorette history.”

“As if guys were crying while he was leaving. Don’t hit me for 3-4 business days while I try to treat, thank you. #TheBacheloretteABC #thebachelorette #bachelorette #bacheloretteabc.”

Katie retweeted it and added one word: “Same.”

Some people might mistake Katie for sending home the season’s best suitor, but at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants, and if there’s no spark, there’s no spark.

But hey, there may be a happy ending for everyone involved here.

Connor is headed to heaven, and if you follow us celibacy spoilersYou know things are looking good for Katie, too.

Not too shabby!

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