Concrete Leveling Compound Can Be Applied After The Primer Has Dried


If you have an uneven slab or cracked, a concrete leveling contractor can help. A concrete leveler can help to fix your patio or driveway. This tool is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use , and can simplify the task of a complicated one. With little experience or special skills needed, you can complete the task within a weekend.

Concrete slabs large enough can be damaged or cracked. Avoiding future problems by having the slab levelled. For driveways, cracked concrete can cause a tripping risk particularly when water collects on an uneven surface. Concrete leveling can help prevent this problem from happening and provide the level of any property.

Concrete Leveling compound may be applied using trowel, broom or long-handled sponge. The self-leveling compound can be applied within four to 24 hours. It will level out by gravity and provide an even surface that rubber wheel traffic can utilize. After the surface has been dried, it will be able to handle pedestrians and other heavy materials.

It is essential to mix the concrete leveler in water prior to applying it to the surface. Mixing the concrete leveler with water is easy using a paddle-type mixer. The resultant product has an 15-minute “flow time” at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and should be able to function for twice that time. If the leveler is used correctly, you should expect it to stay on the surface for six months or longer.

Concrete Leveling Contractors Northfield can be an affordable alternative to replacing the slab. In many instances the cost of a new slab may be 50 or 70% higher than the cost of concrete leveling. A new slab can cost up to $2,000 in addition to demolition costs. Concrete leveling isn’t the best option for slabs that are cracked or sunk.

Do your research before you choose a concrete leveling contractor. Look up the company’s web presence. A lack of a website or any other online presence could be a sign of fraud. Beware of contractors that only communicate by phone. They could offer cheap rates , but they may have no experience in concrete leveling.

Concrete leveling involves drilling small holes in a slab. These holes are filled with polyurethane foam or cement “slurry.” These materials provide temporary support between the concrete and soil. The foam or “slurry” that results from this process exerts downward pressure on concrete and upward pressure on the soil. This method is best suited for basement floors and is less disruptive than replacing the slab.

The cost of concrete leveling can range between $360 and $5,000. The cost of concrete leveling is contingent on the severity and size of the unevenness. In certain situations self-levelling the floor could be possible using self-levelers. If the concrete that has been severely sunk, it will be necessary to lift the concrete.

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