Cody Brown Admits: You’ve Ditched Merry … Completely!


Cody Brown stops trying to hide it.

In the all-new episode of Sister Wives Sunday Night, the 18-year-old spoke candidly about his relationship with his first wives, and he has now come and admitted everything he’s clearly heard:

There is no relationship with Merry.

no one. at. everybody.

On Sunday’s episode of TLC’s long-running series, Kristen, Janelle, Mary and Robin gathered at their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak occurred shortly after everyone gathered to discuss the breakup in their relationships.

The Browns were already living separately in Flagstaff and tensions were already running high.

As a result, this may be apparent to nearly all Americans, but the Coronavirus could not come at a worse time.

This was especially true for Mary and Cody, who had seldom met even before the COVID-19 hit.

“They say a person needs four hugs a day just to survive,” Mary said very bluntly in her confession, adding:

“People probably aren’t getting four hugs a day right now. I love hugging and touching, from the right person, do you know what I mean?”

“And when you don’t have that, you feel really lonely.”

Wow, huh?

We’ve often tried to highlight how to do this My sister-in-law seems miserable, But Merry took it to a whole new level in this episode.

We feel terrible for her.

“I’m really careful about pushing Cody, because I don’t want him to feel like I’m demanding or pressing or anything like that,” Merry continued.

“You know, I don’t know what Cody will do after two weeks of quarantine.

“I don’t know what his plans are – I can’t quite talk about it openly.”

But didn’t Cody divide her time equally among all four of the sister’s wives in the last year during the pandemic?

Nope, Merry explained on the air, revealing that while her soulmate would visit her three co-wives often … to her Home too much.

“He doesn’t usually come to my house often. Maybe now that Maria and Audrey are here, he might come and visit them at the end of the two weeks,” Mary told the couple’s daughter’s cameras and fiancée.

“ But he’s basically going between Janelle and Kristen and Robin, and that’s what he usually does.

“Just call it what it is.”

In early December, Merry told her Instagram followers that she is He loves Cody and abides by Cody.

We think these two things may still be true.

But Cody didn’t seem like a committed man or In love on this installment of the sister’s wives.

He simply told the cameras, “There was nothing going on between me and Meri.”

“She interacts with the family on holidays and birthdays. We meet occasionally. I see Merry once in a blue moon.”

Why? Because Cody makes no effort to admit

“But we stopped dating and that’s probably because I stopped calling her to say, ‘Let’s go do something.’

Cody and Mary got married in April 1990.

Three years later, the husband welcomed sister Janelle into their multiple marriage … which Christine followed in 1994.

Most recently, Robyn joined the Brown family as Cody’s fourth wife in 2010; Urged Cody to file for divorce from Mary for the legal adoption of Robin’s children from a previous relationship.

There has been a lot of distance between Meri and Kody since then, even the former even tried so far in 2015.

She has since returned to her marriage, although it sounds like an empty love story.

Speaking of himself and Merry a few weeks ago on the air, Cody told the producers that, “None of us see real value in a relationship.

“Because if Merry and I really wanted to be together, then we would be.”

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