Chris Lopez: I’ll be in Teen Mom 2! Suck, Kaelen!


Over the past two years, Teen Mom 2 ratings have been steadily declining.

But with the last season, that changed.

Not in a good way or anything, just that the decline is no longer stable – the series is constantly losing thousands and thousands of viewers.

Back in the glory days when Jenelle was chasing Kiefer in her slippers and Chelsea was agonizing over Adam, they regularly drew between two and three million viewers to tune them into the frenzy.

Then two years ago, during Last season JenelleRatings started dropping below a million, but it managed to get about 900,000 viewers consistently.

after, after She was separated and replaced by Jade KleinWell, there was another downturn, and things kind of started to fall free from there – this season finale and the two reunions Attracted less than 500,000 viewers.

The popular theory, and the most reasonable one, is that while many people are still very interested in the cast members, they don’t watch the show because they Everything interesting is happening on social media right now.

Why take the time to watch a show when you can watch everything happen in real time, and when the show is editing all the good stuff anyway?

A good example is the arrest of Kellen last fall. She allegedly assaulted Chris Lopez Because he cut their eldest son’s hair without her permission.

That would have made for great TV and a lot of people would probably have followed through, but Kail refused to allow any of it to be on the show.

So what’s the point of watching if all you get are the cute boring parts that moms want to show us?

Fortunately, there appears to be a plan to turn things around in the next (and possibly last) season.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Kris has Occurred Hold and show up!

This is noticeable, of course, because he was not interested in photography before.

He reappeared briefly when Kail was pregnant with Lux, but his face was blurred, and he always kept his distance from the cameras.

There was an unforgettable scene this season where he showed his face – he hopped in Kailyn’s car and had some choice words for the cameras on her dashboard.

But come on next season, it’s happening for real.

And Kyle doesn’t seem too pleased with the big news.

As a source told The Ashley, “When Kail found out that Chris was now getting paid to appear on the show, she was very upset and a text message was sent to her. [one of the higher up producers] And they said their disrespect gave Chris a contract and didn’t even give her the nudges, especially after all these years.”

“Kyle was not happy that Chris would take advantage of the opportunity that I created for her.”

The site speculates that he’ll get about $2,000 for each episode he participates in, whether it’s an actual shot of him or just a recording.

That last part is very important because that means they can use audio since the time Brianna appeared on Chris’ podcast, and since Brianna said in legal documents from Defamation lawsuit against Kyle That Chris was the one who gave her information about this alleged assault…

Well, it could open the door to finally discussing all of that on the show.

Will you tune in next season?

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