China suffers Taiwan air defeat as US military continues to attack – weekly geopolitical news and analysis


The battle for planet Earth is intensifying on all fronts. The Chinese attacked Taiwan last week because the US military gave puppet President Joe Biden CG a new scenario. We received direct confirmation from an American general with three stars that “The US military knows that the elections are stolen. All hell is about to collapse.”

Now China has suffered a major defeat in an air war and “Taiwan is now a de facto independent country,” according to Japanese military intelligence. Sources say that the news below of a Chinese “phantom attack” against a US aircraft carrier was in fact a real attack that was decisively repulsed.

They say this news reflects a real air war between the United States, Taiwan and China, with possible assistance from Iran.

What people need to understand is that Communist China is run at the highest level by the Khazarian mafia that is based in Switzerland. Remember that Communism was a Jesuit invention, and the P3 Masons who run the Jesuits say they report to a strange entity known as the Black Sun.

Take a look at this article noting that there is very little real information about Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The truth is, according to high-ranking sources in the Asian Secret Society, Shi was chosen because he is tall and will look good on a G20 photo shoot. He is a symbol, not a true leader. Moreover, sources say, the original Xi was killed after the electromagnetic attack on Wuhan, China in early 2020. The person now appearing in public is his younger brother, who has a very similar appearance.

What is happening now is that the United States, Russia, and China now have figurehead leaders who act as spokesmen for the collective leadership. In other words, true leadership works in the dark and behind the scenes. This is not a merit principle because true merit will be completely transparent and anyone, from the faraway goat herder onwards, can attempt to climb to the top. In such a system, everyone can see who has reached the summit, why and how they got there.

When this report was about to be published live, we were contacted by a reliable source from the FSB who said that China and Pakistan have decided to integrate politically, economically and militarily. The source says that the decision was taken to counter the US mobilization of India that was aimed at weakening China. We will try to confirm this with the Asian Secret Society and other sources and let readers know if we get confirmation.

Taiwan is run by the traditional, local, human leadership from the ground in China and moves in full swing to liberate mainland China, along with the rest of the world.

What we’re dealing with is something, as it was described in a secret Apache leadership meeting last week as “the final battle against a 5,000-year-old evil that has invaded our planet.”

We are now also getting reliable reports about the secret space force, from sources like Japanese Military Intelligence that don’t usually talk about such things. According to Japanese Military Intelligence and CIA sources, the US Space Force is active at Thule Air Force Base in Greenland.

There they are …

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