Capitol Police Officer Fanon discusses how you feel when you see the Republican Party downplay the events of January 6


Fanon said, “I have lived through the most brutal hand fights of my entire life.” “Not to mention my policing career, which spans nearly two decades. That wasn’t something that I thought would be a part of my law enforcement career, and I wasn’t prepared to experiment.”

Fanon, a police veteran, was 19 years old Brutally attacked He pulled the capitol ladder he was defending. The rioters beat him repeatedly with metal tubes and even used stun guns. As a result of the attack, Fanon suffered a heart attack and concussion. He now has a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. In his emotional interview with CNN, he said that the language used by some Republican officials was not only “difficult” to hear, but depicted a reality different from the truth.

In response to the claim that the rioters posed no threat, Fanon said, “It was extremely difficult to see the elected officials and other individuals whitewash the day’s events, or downplay what happened.” “Some of the terms that have been used, such as” hugs and kisses “and” very cool people, “are completely different from what I tried and what my co-workers experienced on the sixth day, Fanon continued.

While Fanon did not directly name Trump, Trump has repeatedly claimed that those who stormed the Capitol were harmless and cooperated with law enforcement officials. In an interview with Fox News Last month, Trump said they pose no threat to the building.

Trump also claimed that some rioters “entered, embracing and kissing the police and guards.” This false narrative contradicts video evidence and downplays the severity of the January 6 rebellion in which many lawmakers and police officials shared harrowing stories describing the fear they faced and the trauma they sustained.

“I encountered a group of individuals who were trying to kill me in order to achieve their goal,” Fanon said during the interview. As he spoke, he was apparently choking. “I have lived through the most brutal and brutal battles in my entire life. Not to mention my police career, which spans nearly two decades.”

Despite the difficulty of his participation, Fanon added that he was happy to be able to present his version of what happened during the failed coup, especially given the account he heard from some lawmakers.

By sharing his story, he hopes people understand the scale of the event and the reality of the motives for the disobedience. “I want people to understand the significance of January 6th,” Fanon said. “I want people to understand that thousands of rioters came to the Capitol building determined to the violence, destruction and killing.”

Fanon added that he also wanted people to understand the stories behind officers protecting the Capitol building that day. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. They have children and families. “

At least five people died during the riots, including a Capitol police officer Brian SiknickWho was hit by a fire extinguisher during the event. Dozens were injured.

More than 400 people from more than 40 states have been charged in connection with the riots. to me CNN, Prosecutors brought charges against Thomas Sebek in connection with the assault on Fanon. Sepik is seen in police body camera footage assaulting Fanon while Fanon lay on the ground outside the Capitol. After Fanon was assaulted, Sibick posted a photo of himself holding a police shield to Facebook, according to a court filing.

The false narratives shared by Trump and some Republican officials are dangerous. Looking at the video and other evidence, it was clear that the insurgency was violent. Downplaying the chain of events does not benefit anyone in the country and only mocks the trauma of the survivors.

Watch Fanon’s agonizing interview below.

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