Buy A Water Slide? Here Are Some Tips!


A water slide is one of the most popular swimming pool equipment, so you may be looking to buy a water slide for your home. What should you pay attention to when you go to buy a water slide?

What is good to know is that there are many possibilities regarding water slides. You can also use some water slides indoors, but most water slides (especially the larger ones) are outdoors. You can choose a water slide on its own, so purely a water slide with a staircase or a water slide that is part of a more extensive playground. Water Slide Rentals and Bounce House Rental from Inflatable Party Magic, They are your Event Specialist and party rental and provide more than just Bounce Houses to rent.

The nice thing about different water slides that stand on their own is that there are other variants that you can combine on the warmer days with the pool. Sometimes even with a water connection to turn it into a natural water slide. The playground equipment, on the other hand, sometimes provides more play options.

Several points to consider in advance when buying a water slide:

Age of the child (s) for whom the water slide is for.

Different water slides are, of course, suitable for different ages. There is, of course, a difference for the little ones who can play on a giant water slide, and it is not fun for older children to play on a water slide that is too small.

Available space for placement of the water slide/play equipment.

Is there enough space available? Think in advance where you want to place the water slide and whether there is enough space around it for children to play. And this is a safe place. Maybe you want to clean up the water slide in the meantime? Some water slides or playground equipment are better suited for this than others, so also good to have a look at.

Suitable surface for placing the water slide/play equipment.

Consider in advance whether the space you have is also suitable for placing the water slide/play equipment. The preference is, of course, for a surface that is as flat as possible. But also consider the safety of what type of surface the water slide will end up in, which suits the water slide type. Of course, you can improve the cover on which the water slides out by, for example, rubber tiles or a strip of (artificial) grass.

Has the slide been bought? Just play!

Take time to assemble the slide or the playground equipment.

  • We don’t always do it, but read the manual! This way, you know best how to assemble and use your slide.

Guide the children

  • Help the children discover how to use the slide or play equipment
    • Supervise so that it runs safely


  • The slides/playground equipment are virtually maintenance-free. However, it is good to keep it clean with a mild detergent. Make sure that, for example, the stairs and the slide themselves do not become too slippery. Or the slide is damaged so that it is no longer safe.

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