Britney Spears: Did she really abuse and neglect her dogs?


As I read about this week, Britney Spears has been accused of attacking her housekeeper.

Sources close to the artist swear by her innocence, but the said employee claims that Britney was angered by the disappearance of her dogs… she blamed the employee… and then slapped her cell phone out of her hands in anger.

We cannot say for sure whether this happened or not.

But, real talk?

brit and dogs

We kind of don’t care.

It’s hard to worry about the possibility of that Britney committed the assault on the phone, not a person, if this claim is true.

However, there is a corollary to this story that is now in focus.

Which is far more annoying than any interaction between Spears and her housekeeper.

According to TMZ insiders, the artist Two dogs were taken away Days before this confrontation, Britney’s seemingly awful father had ordered the housekeeper to remove her from the house.

Again, we don’t know if Jimmy Spears played any part in any of this or not.

But TMZ now details some of the alleged horrific examples of animal abuse and neglect, even reporting on Friday that one of the superstar’s canines recently became “seriously ill” and was “on the verge of death.”

Insiders told this celebrity gossip site that the housekeeper was worried about this pet, believing it could only be saved by… An emergency trip to the vet.

The dog was not returned to Britney.

This is what caused the main argument made by Spears Do He asserts that it happened… He simply insists that it did not turn into something physical.

TMZ also quotes Sources with direct knowledge Who explains that one of my Britney dogs has major digestive problems – and both canines were supposed to be fed a special kind of food.

However, they were often given table scraps instead, leading the pets to become very ill.

The housekeeper also claimed that both dogs became dehydrated due to lack of water, a major reason she decided to take them in for professional care.

At that point, TMZ continues, the dogs have been checked and there was enough concern on the part of the dog sitter not to take them back to Britney’s home.

Spears called the police on August 10 due to the apparent abduction of her pets, believing that her estranged father was behind the perfidious act.

The singer was reportedly ready to file an official report, but then changed her mind.

To put all this back to the alleged assault, the housekeeper told cops this week that she showed Britney a picture of the sick dogs on her phone.

Britney then thought the employee had sent this photo to her dad, and reached hard for the phone and slapped him or hit the housekeeper’s arm in the process.

According to Camp Britney, the artist simply snatched the phone away – and nothing more.

As of Friday afternoon, the dogs had not returned to Britney’s house and the police investigation is still ongoing.

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