Brianna Digissus: I finally got naked on OnlyFans, Y’all!


when Briana DeJesus joined OnlyFans, She made a solemn promise to the public:

Before God and the entire universe, Berri stood and proudly proclaimed it You wont show her botool On site.

This might sound like a very easy promise to fulfill, but for reality TV stars like Brie, the lure of a public paycheck with some nude photos can be quite strong.

Several C and D-list celebrities joined OnlyFans with every intention of preserving their clothes.

But when they see how much money they can make partially dressed, it is natural for them to start thinking about how much they might get if they decided to take off their clothes.

Brie has been totally open about the fact that she is the most money-hungry of all teen moms, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that she finally succumbed to temptation and went to Monty entirely.

To her credit, Bree still didn’t stop her from entering the world.

However, she is she has Unleash her surgically enhanced breasts for the viewing pleasure of her subscribers.

Or at least that’s what she apparently suggests in her latest Instagram story.

There has been a great deal of controversy over exactly what is going on in this photo.

Did Brie censor her because she’s wearing some kind of see-through bra, or did she raise her girls over the thing?

Is she blocking the most interesting part of the pic because she’s afraid of violating Instagram’s strict no-resolve policy, or because she wants her followers to sign up before they can see what’s going on under those hearts?

“I took a little break but I’m back,” DeJesus captioned the photo, linking of course to her OnlyFans page.

We don’t know why Bri took a break, or for how long she was absent from the OF, but the partnership appears to be working in her favor.

During its first week on the site, DeJesus earned $ 10,000 – Or so you claim.

Of course, that number may have diminished, as Brie’s novelty on the site is fading.

Perhaps in order to ensure that her money lasts long, Brianna decides to backtrack on her promise of “not nudity”.

Either way, you prove the haters are wrong every single day.

When she first joined OnlyFans, Bri’s followers on Twitter told her that she would never make any money unless she was willing to seriously post some hardcore content.

But through the semi-nude photos and the occasional photoshoot of her feet, a mom-of-two manages to capture five characters in one week – and during the pandemic, no less!

DeJesus complained about users pressuring her to be naked, but she doesn’t shock us as kind to giving up against her will.

No, if Brie finally decided to let everything go, she probably did in order to get $ 10,000 USD another week – and that, you guys, is the American dream.

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