Briana DeJesus is attracted by fans: stop plastic surgery!


Like many of her teenage classmates, Briana DeJesus has got little work done.

It’s easy for viewers to judge, but we think most people can probably imagine what plastic surgery should look like for newly wealthy and newly popular single mothers.

In any case, Brie never tried to hide the fact that she was hit by the knife.

In fact, she seems happy to show off the results of her procedures.

But as with any star who has undergone more than a few steps, Bri has been the target of a great deal of criticism.

And during a recent discussion about her new look on the Teen Mom Reddit forum, critics completely blanked out the mom-of-two.

It all started when a user posted a picture of DeJesus before she got any work done.

The comment string that followed was filled with pointed compliments as users noticed how attractive Briana was Used To be.

One commentator wrote: “She was very beautiful before all the surgeries”, to me the sun.

“It doesn’t look like her anymore. Yes, she was a teenager, but I would never have guessed that she was a teenager”


Brianna on my second teenage mom

A third said, “Shame, it has become plastic.”

A fourth user did it all with describing Briana that could only be described as unnecessarily cruel.

This guy wrote: “Plastic topper on a lousy wedding cake.”

This is a commenting technique known as “anxious trolling” where the haters hide their harsh criticism as goodwill advice.

You will notice that most Brianna haters love to dress their insults as flattering on her ex-self.

It is a unique pernicious form of hatred that allows the hate to maintain its place above its moral high horse.

The latest criticism comes on the heels of a similar situation in it Devin Austin attacked DeJesus She allegedly spent a lot of money on plastic surgery, and as a result neglected her children.

Brie clapped on that occasion: “I collected my body for free.”

The mother of two added, “My plastic surgery should not be important because I still take care of my children. My children never go without it.”

“I make sure my kids have everything before I get a new butt. Plus I didn’t even pay for the surgery, everything was free.”

No matter how the rest of us feel about Brianna’s plastic surgery, it’s her body, and she’s free to do it however she wants.

And we really believe her when she says she gets her work done for free.

After all, famous plastic surgeons like Dr.Miami often take turns gaining endorsements on social media, and since Brianna is not a little shy about the procedures she has had, she is usually happy to have such an arrangement.

Definitely, DeJesus also has a full time job Plus starring in Teen Mom 2, so she has money to spare.

The point is, maybe we should all stop worrying about Bree’s resources and their financial outlook, especially when that anxiety is just a covert excuse for hurling insults.

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