Bradley Cooper to Irina Shayk: Please dump Kanye for our daughter!


Sure, we had a hard time believing it at first, but at this point, there’s no denying it Kanye West Dating Irina Shayk.

Yes, it’s only been four months since then Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye, but the eccentric rapper seems to have moved at lightning speed.

Kanye and Irina traveled to France together this week, and spectators say they’ve kayaking around Provence.

These two obviously don’t care if the entire world knows they’re in a relationship.

Brad, Kanye, Irina

We’re happy for them, and all of them, but you can see how awkward this could have been for their past experiences.

Weirdly, Kim seems totally cool with the situation.

In fact, earlier this week, she posted a picture of a bounce and offered Kanye a birthday shout out.

Somewhat less cool about the situation – which is understandable – is Irina’s baby dad, Bradley Cooper.

Bradley and Irina share a 4-year-old daughter named Leah.

The couple went their separate ways in 2019, but insiders say they’ve maintained a friendly parenting relationship ever since.

In addition to his concerns about West’s erratic behavior, Cooper is well aware that Kanye’s first interest after Kim is sure to attract a lot of media attention.

It’s clear that both Bradley and Irina are famous in their own right, but they go to great lengths to keep their profile low and keep their private lives private.

Now, it looks as if all that hard work will soon be over with Kanye’s presence.

It comes as no surprise that B-Coop is less thrilled with the idea that his young daughter spends a lot of time with a long, well-documented history of mental and emotional instability.

“[Bradley is] Great protection for his daughter, a source close to the situation told In Touch, adding that Cooper is hopeful that the resettlement process “fades out quickly.”

Bradley seems well aware that even if Kanye leaves his wild ways behind, the relationship will result in poor Leah being chased by the paparazzi nonstop.

“It is only a matter of time before [all of the hype] Insiders say.

“Bradley is happy that Irina is dating,” says the source.

“What he wasn’t happy with is Who is the She is dating. He hates all the publicity she’s getting and will continue to get because she’s now with Kanye.”

After decades of fame, Cooper is fully aware of how aggressive the press can be in romantic romance situations.

Bradley knows better than anyone how a celebrity romance can totally get out of hand. The source says his friendship with Lady Gaga is a perfect example.

“Bradley was really worried that Leah would be recognized or labeled for being his daughter and daughter Irina. But now with Kanye, that’s a whole different level of celebrity. He doesn’t want that for Leah.”

Irina is of Russian origin, and spends most of her time in Europe.

Despite this, Cooper plays a very active role in his daughter’s life, and seems to be planning on getting more involved now that there has been so much instability in Leah’s life.

According to the insider, Cooper was “already a very hands-on dad to Leah,” and now “it’s going to go up even more.”

We try to be as compassionate as possible in our coverage of Kanye, as the rapper has been open about his struggles with mental illness.

We’re sure Bradley doesn’t think Kanye is a bad guy, but it’s not hard to see why he’s so concerned about his daughter’s well-being these days.

In all likelihood, the best thing for everyone would be for Kanye to take some time to himself before rushing straight into another serious relationship.

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