Bill Maher Says Tokyo Olympics Knock Out – ‘Woke Up’ – Oscars Proof Abolition of Culture Is ‘Maze Swallowing World’


“Please do not make the Olympics in OscarsBill Maher in his closing talk about the new rules at the end of the show on Tonight’s return in real time to HBO after a month-long hiatus.

Last April, as he reminded the audience, he said that this year’s Oscar presentation theme was, “We dare to entertain you.” Its producers seemed determined not to let the audience forget for a moment the injustices and shortcomings of the human condition.

In Maher’s view, the Tokyo Summer Games outperformed Hollywood. He was exposed to a series of cases in which administrators and creative employees faced consequences for decades-old behaviour. In one case, the opening ceremonyThe musician’s director of music was ousted after a 1994 interview in which he admitted bullying his fellow students as a school kid. “Remember that when your teacher used to scare you, they would say, ‘You know, this will go down on your permanent record,’” he said. “It’s no longer an empty threat now.”

He also mocked the media coverage of surfing It became an Olympic sport in Tokyo. And the Associated Press – not exactly some left-wing activists – wrote that surfing at the Games exacerbates cultural appropriation and “racial insults”. That’s because non-Hawaiians popularized and popularized a sport with deep spiritual and societal meaning for its indigenous participants. The article title described the competition as a “white” event.

While the jokes were still flowing, and the early moments of the clip seemed smooth enough, Maher’s tone was articulate and his points more compelling than they had been in most weeks. (It could have been the host’s new glasses, which he shot in the opening minutes of the show, calling them a permanent new accessory. In a teaser for the New Rules section, he quipped, “They have gradient lenses. When I wear them, all I see is a white privilege.” .”)

“This is called a purge,” Maher said of the climate in the United States and increasingly elsewhere. It is a mentality that belongs to Stalinist Russia. How bad is this atmosphere in which we live before the people who say the abolition of culture is exaggerated admitted that it was, in fact, the madness that swallowed the world.”

On accusations that his stance meant he moved further to the political right (a place in the spectrum given to reflexive denunciation of abolition culture), Maher said, “My politics hasn’t changed, but I’m reacting to politics that has.”

Follow the news coming from the Olympics, “Another example of how Wake up Overturn the very thing that was making liberal liberals. Snitch and Whores: This is not liberal.

Maher acknowledged that “much of human history is a horror story,” but said the idea of ​​keeping cultures and societies in silos runs counter to one of life’s main positives. “The good parts are the groups that come together and share. It’s kind of the whole point of the Olympics,” he said.

He noted that even the concept of the Olympic Games itself was borrowed from the Greeks. He rocked sports and their places of origin, including badminton in India, tennis in France and taekwondo in Korea. “What is this new rule that the first to do something are the only ones who get it?!” question.

He concluded by condemning excessive vigilance about cultural appropriation, although he said there were legitimate cases of it. “Theft of natural resources from the indigenous population – yes, of course, that is exploitation,” he said.

At the same time, he insisted, “not everything is about oppression.”

He emphasized that cultural exchange can work in other directions as well. K-pop groups like BTS became popular in the United States by making pop music appealing to Western ears, not by playing traditional Korean songs in the style of their ancestors.

“We live in a world where straight actors are told they can’t play gay roles, and white novelists aren’t allowed to imagine what it’s like to be a Mexican immigrant,” Maher said. “Although trying to live someone else’s life is almost the definition of empathy, it is the bedrock of liberalism.”

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