Biden Offers Covid Updates As Pressure Grows On US To Help India And Others – Live | US News


Biden spent his first 100 days in office Encouraging Americans to disguise And stay at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. His job for the next 100 days will be to set the path back to normal.

When he took office, Biden moved quickly to overcome Vaccine supply issues And more than three times the country’s ability to manage it. But the end Coronavirus pandemicThe main challenge to his presidency will require more than just shooting – an increasingly difficult task now Demand dangles – But also a solid plan to help the nation emerge from a year of isolation, turmoil and turmoil.

If Biden unleashes the nation in full swing against a virus that infected nearly 200,000 Americans in January and killed nearly 3,000 of them daily, the coming months would be a victory for peace. Previously, The number of deaths decreased To less than 700 cases per day and average daily cases below 60,000. US officials insist there is a long way to go before the country feels completely comfortable, but the progress is noticeable.

Going forward, success will mean ending the nation’s massive vaccination campaign – so far 43% of Americans have received at least one injection – overcoming late demand and communicating in clear terms about activities that can be safely resumed by those who have been vaccinated. Key milestones include Biden’s July 4 pledge that Americans can safely gather with friends and family, and the start of the new school year, when the president hopes all schools will open safely.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was expected to unveil new guidelines on wearing masks outdoors for unvaccinated people on Tuesday, ahead of Biden’s planned speech later in the day on the state of the pandemic response. Officials said the focus in the coming weeks will be on facilitating orientation for people who have been vaccinated, in recognition of their low risk and providing an incentive to get injections.

“We are excited about the progress we’ve made, the opportunity that lies ahead, and because of the vaccination program we’ve created, we’re going further than almost anyone expected,” said Jeff Zentes, the White House coordinator on COVID-19. Monday’s interview. “This means that we are closer to returning to normal.”

On Inauguration DayThe idea of ​​COVID-19 vaccine supplies outpacing demand seemed fanciful, with only priority groups eligible for shots, and an underground economy sprang up for “extra doses” for anyone else. Now, footage is so abundant in so many places that the Biden administration is encouraging states and pharmacy partners to create no-dead dose entry sites.

This “new phase,” as the Biden team called it, was the subject of intense preparations even before the inauguration of the President. Wary of wasting a moment, Zentes and other officials crafted a massive amount of emails to kick up the federal bureaucracy at work to be sent out in the first minutes after their government email accounts were activated. Zentes said that even as more Americans received the vaccination, the White House had not given up its urgency yet.


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