Avatar is still king in China; Is the market ready to embrace the new Hollywood? – final date


Update to the latest…: James Cameron symbol picture It ranked first in the world and International box office This weekend with $ 14.1 million in China for Friday and Sunday frameworks. The 2009 sci-fi saga was re-released in the Middle Kingdom last weekend – when it was Reclaimed the title It is among the highest-grossing movies of all time worldwide Avengers: Endgame – Overseas are now calculated from $ 2,073.2M about $ 2833.7 million Universal (all editions included).

symbol picture It remained # 1 in China this session, dropping just 33%, and making $ 44 million on its weekends. The movie is now the biggest re-release on the market for the Covid era, much higher Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Its 3D version was released last August and resulted in an addition of $ 30 million. symbol picture It will exceed 50 million dollars in China during this round, which will bring the total there to more than 250 million dollars; The film is topping pre-sale sales through Wednesday next week and Maoyan expects to finish at around $ 57 million. The current version has already topped Disney Mulan ($ 40.7 million) and Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman 1984 ($ 25.5 million), both of which were new releases to the market during Covid.

at IMAX, The symbol picture The re-release made another $ 4.1 million in the FSS session to take the amount estimated thus far to $ 13.1 million, 30% of the nationwide weekend total on just 1% of the screens. In total, IMAX global symbol picture The total is now $ 256 million, and it is the only film in the company’s history to have crossed $ 250 million.

symbol pictureA performance in China bodes well for upcoming sequels, but it isn’t necessarily a hit for new Hollywood films preparing for release. We heard a positive buzz about Godzilla vs. Kong Next weekend, though, pre-sales were not reported by Moayan in China. The mouthpiece of the Communist Party Global Times He published a story Thursday saying, “Hollywood has tried to use the blockbuster classic symbol picture To restore the hearts of the Chinese fans. However, Hollywood studios have not realized that their traditional marketing plans in China are no longer able to generate interest in their films and that the time has come for an adjustment by localizing their marketing. ”The article, which sources warn that it is a Chinese view, warns of that. symbol picture“The feeling of nostalgia in the Chinese audience in theaters will not last long.” (NB Hollywood movies get very little advance notice of release dates on the current composition.)

The Global Times Piece did not praise the marketing for Raya and the last dragon, Noting that Disney worked with vloggers on Bilibili through interviews that enable the audience to have better control over the film.

Ria Despite this, it had a low volume of $ 17.4 million in China. The good news is that she led the city of Los Angeles to reopen with the blessing (and thus every local) this weekend. Overseas added $ 8 million from 29 markets. The external total is now $ 47.8 million, compared to $ 71.2 million globally.

This weekend was better for Ria In a number of centers including Singapore (+ 30%), Spain (+ 23%) and Australia (+ 1%). Elsewhere, strong comment was recorded in New Zealand (-10%), Hong Kong (-16%), Vietnam (-26%), Japan (-30%), Korea (-35%), the United Arab Emirates (-37%). %), China (-38%) and Russia (-40%). Overall, markets that were also open at the end of last week are only down -31% combined.

Strong word of mouth and lack of competition helped Raya take first place in Spain, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Trinidad and Uruguay. The top 5 markets in Raya are China ($ 17.4 million), Russia ($ 9.1 million), Australia ($ 3.8 million), Korea ($ 2.3 million) and Japan ($ 2.1 million). The big European firms are still waiting for the reopening.


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