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At the request of the Australian government One million AstraZeneca Doses To be available to Papua New GuineaAn EU spokesperson told The Guardian Australia this afternoon:

We confirm that the President of the European Commission has received a letter from the Australian Prime Minister on this matter and we will respond in due course.


Chinese embassy to respond to Xinjiang’s criticism

Your readers may have seen it Scott Morrison This morning, I was asked about a planned press conference organized by the Chinese embassy, ​​which is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. Canberra time.

I will be heading to the event and will be providing news afterwards. But the 90-minute press conference is expected to include some kind of video call with officials from Xinjiang, where China has been accused of committing massive human rights violations against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. The Canadian and Dutch parliaments and the US government have described the situation in Xinjiang as genocide.

The fact that the Chinese embassy in Australia arranged this event indicates that it is keen to fend off growing international criticism of what is happening in Xinjiang. Chinese officials have previously argued that its behavior in Xinjiang is “above the stage”.

Morrison He did not comment on Xinjiang specifically in the press this morning, but said the world is “much more mysterious at the moment than it has been for a long time.” The Prime Minister said that while he wants a positive relationship with China, Australia will also act “according to its national values ​​and character – that will never be, and it will never be something we will never give up for the relationship”.



Australia needs to manage relations with China and diversify export markets – report

Australia needs to manage its increasingly complex relationship with China, even as the government seeks areas to diversify its export markets, according to a new report released this afternoon.

The Asian Task Force – which includes the Business Council of Australia and the Asia Society of Australia – is calling for a goal of increasing Australian exports to 35% of GDP by 2030 (up from 29% in 2019).

Australian wine seen on a store shelf in Shanghai, China.

Australian wine seen on a store shelf in Shanghai, China. Photo: Alex Blavevsky / EPA

The report says Australian business is now “at a crossroads”. Not mentioned since the 1970s, when the UK turned towards Europe, “We have seen a major realignment in how we trade and invest in the world.”

The staff, which also includes PwC consultants and the University of Sydney’s Business School, argue that disrupting Covid-19 also presents drastic options, as “protectionist policies creep in that seemed unpredictable a year ago.”

Popular support for the open economy cannot be taken for granted. The rollback of old, familiar relationships in Western markets, the lag in literacy in Asia, and the failure to build relationships with new Asian business partners should not be seen as a serious hypothetical option when consumption in Asia is likely to fuel global growth in the future.

The report supports the need to diversify Australian export markets, but says this does not mean abandoning the economic relationship with China, its largest trading partner. She says diversification in Australia means that trade with China will also build other relationships in the region.

“Learning how to deal with a more complex relationship with China is imperative, and efforts to ensure the two countries engage constructively should be a top priority,” says the report – titled Second Chance: How the Australia Team Can Thrive in Asia.

Other recommendations include adopting a “Team Australia” approach to developing new opportunities. Leveraging our strengths by adopting Qatari sector strategies; Revitalizing literacy in Asia; Endorsing talent in our Asian Australian communities and diaspora.

Minister of Commerce And clayThe report is expected to be released at an event in Canberra later today.



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