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Primarily, job seekers will be required to attend face-to-face appointments with their service providers.

They don’t currently have to do that, as a result of Covid-19.

We will also increase the number of job searches that a job seeker performs monthly. As a result of Covid, they have been reduced to eight.

We’ll gradually move that down to 15 job searches per month, and then, as of July 1, 20 job searches per month, which is what it was before the pandemic.

We will also require, after six months of social care, that people go through an intensive training phase.

In other words, we will give them the best possible opportunity to do a short course to enhance their skills or to do some work experience.

If after that they remain on luxury, it will give them a better chance of getting a job. So now this will happen in six months.

You often hear, however, employers say, “Joe applied for the job. He was eligible,” and they said no.

What we will do for employers is provide an employer reporting sequence. So if someone applies for a job, they will be offered the job and they are eligible for the job but they said no, the employer will now be able to contact my department. Reporting that person does not accept appropriate work.

This will then mean that my department can follow up with this person or, alternatively, Jobactive can follow up with this person to ascertain exactly why they are rejecting a suitable job.

In the absence of a good reason, they will be breached for it.

At the same time, we will increase the number of audits of our job applicants. We need to make sure our job providers track our job seekers and make sure they are doing the right thing.

Remember, it’s all about getting people out of luxury and work. We currently take on about 4% of the case burden by auditing.

We’ll increase that to 10% of the case burden.

We will also require all job seekers by livestream to digital to date prior to receiving welfare payments to fill out their professional profile.

Currently, they don’t have to do that. This type of information is helpful in ensuring that we can properly match you, your skills and your professional profile with a desired job.


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