Audrey Rolloff is accused of spreading dangerous misleading medical information


Lots of people have some Harsh things to say about Audrey Rolloff.

To be fair, Audrey said cruel things Itself, to put it mildly, on more than one occasion.

Not that people like to hate her – rather, that her choices sometimes disappoint her fans.

Now, fans are attacking her and accusing her of providing dangerous “medical” advice.

Audrey suffered from mastitis, an infection that can occur while breastfeeding.

We knew this when Ember Jenn was just a newborn baby (she was growing up very quickly).

So a fan asked this 29-year-old mom for advice on mastitis treatments.

Audrey took to her Instagram Stories to share what we were sure she honestly saw as helpful advice.

(No fans would doubt this)

Even so, the nature of her recommendations – without mentioning a real doctor or medical expert in sight – worries fans.

Audrey’s list of tips includes oregano, lavender, tea tree oil, garlic, and sunflower lecithin – herbal remedies.

She also recommends using a mixture of heat and cold on the breasts before and after feeding.

Part of her advice is as simple as “feeding in different positions” while the infection is present.

Audrey Roloff Tips DIY Homeopathic Mastitis

“It’s really unsafe for her to recommend this!” She opened a commenter while she toured IG Story.

And the same comment continued: “It could mean that the infection will remain untreated for a long time!”

One anxious fan noted: “At least most influencers say ‘Always seek medical advice.’

“This is incredibly irresponsible advice,” declared one anxious fan.

The same commentator predicted, “Some young mother might actually try this and end up getting unnecessarily severe illness.”

There’s a reason so much of online medical advice is accompanied by a disclaimer – it comes from a place of empathy, but also of counselor protection.

One commenter read “Someone else might have already mentioned this, but you can report this to get inappropriate / wrong information on IG.”

The concerned admirer noted that concerned persons could do so “by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.”

Instagram isn’t always quick to get things moving (except for pictures they consider “inappropriate”), but medical misinformation sometimes needs urgent treatment.

Another commentator accused “she is spreading misinformation.”

The commentator wrote: “If people want advice about mastitis, they should talk to a specialist, not talk to a random mom on TV.”

Several fans wrote, “I’m reporting this on IG”.

Part of the criticism was just as it sounds – that this particular post may have been irresponsible.

There is also an undercurrent of suspicion towards Audrey rooted not in the job itself, but in her public attitudes toward the world and medicine in general.

Strictly speaking, there is a “feeling” convinced Ujj that she knows him better than the experts on many subjects.

There is an additional undercurrent of religious character – Audrey is a devout Christian and she is very conservative politically.

In the minds of many fans, Audrey’s reluctance to accept traditional medical assistance and distance herself from the “sinister generation” of society, as she calls it, goes hand in hand.

Remember, not everyone avoids medications for herbal hubbies or whatever. Some people argue that it reduces dependence on an increasingly secular society.

Audrey carbine car

Audrey recently came under fire for some parenting practices.

At one point, a mother of two shared a photo showing a dangerous ax leaning on a stove just a few feet from her baby.

Fans were also upset when Audrey chose to tie Bode to herself while skiing, because no matter how good she was she Is that another skater could have collided with her at any moment.

Audrey Rulloff skates with baby Bodie in belts, without a helmet

It is important to remember that not all critics speak the same voice.

Some people decided they didn’t like Audrey – someone or another said the same about everyone in the Roloff family. that happens.

However, others aren’t trolling – they’re true fans who find it painful when you make Audrey’s mistakes, and want to see her do better in the future.

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