Athleta, Old Navy, and Summersalt . Breathable Summer Face Masks


Stay cool with these breathable face masks for summer.

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With the number of vaccinations gradually rising across the United States, the requirements for masks have eased for بالنسبة fully vaccinated. And while face mask guidance now varies from case to case, Masks are still required on planes, buses and trainsand other forms of public transportation. Spaces, including healthcare and ride-sharing facilities, still require masks, too.

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Such as high temperatures Burning spots across the country, your face mask can start feeling like a personal sauna. To beat excess facial sweating—and still stay safe—swap out a heavier mask with something more summer-friendly. Just like the rest of your wardrobe, you can get winter masks and summer masks too.

The perfect summer mask should be breathable, lightweight but still Reduce droplet dispersal from your nose and mouth. Luckily , Lots of face masks reviewed And I found some great things that are comfortable and breathable while still providing protection. Here are our top picks for wearing during the hot and humid summer.

What are you looking for in a face mask

Face masks are still required in some public places - make sure your mask is comfortable and protective.

When looking for a mask, keep this in mind The CDC recommends يوصي Wear a mask of two or more layers of breathable fabric that can also be washed after use. Through our testing of reusable face masks, we found that multi-layer masks can breathe greatly with the right fabric and fit.

Our favorite breathable face masks to wear for summer

Athleta Non-medical Face Masks

These top-rated masks rank as our #1 choice for a reusable face mask.

After testing 18 different types of face masks, we found that Athleta’s non-medical face masks are the best overall choice for a breathable protective face mask for all-day wear.

While the material is on the thinner side – made of polyester/spandex and a cotton blend – the mask itself is three-layered, creating a protective barrier. This blend of breathable fabric with multiple layers makes the mask experience more enjoyable, keeping heat and moisture at bay.

The mask is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time – for example, during a domestic flight or a long flight – and features adjustable ear loops and an adjustable nose wire that helps create a better seal.

Get Athleta Non-medical Face Masks (Pack of Five) from Athleta for $3.99

Retro 3-ply navy blue fabric face mask

These three-layer masks still provide a breathable fit.

For another great breathable mask at a lower price, Old Navy’s 3-ply mask collection offers benefits similar to those of Athleta, such as ventilation and protection.

Made of soft cotton material, the cover is comfortable to wear (even outdoors) and easy to breathe. Although there is no adjustable nose wire, these masks should work with charm – just check out the comments. Additionally, these masks are machine washable and can be put in the dryer.

Get the Old Navy 3-Ply Fabric Face Mask (Pack of Five) starting at $1.97

Summersalt face coverings

The unique shape of Summersalt masks prevents the mask from rubbing against your face.

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling that your mouth or upper lip is cleaning your mask? This sensation is most uncomfortable during hot and humid weather. In this case, we recommend Summersalt face coverings. The mask itself forms a “cone” shape once you put it on, giving you plenty of space between the mask and your mouth.

This mask also features two layers of woven cotton, a fabric known to be breathable, along with a decorative top layer. Whether you like a plain black mask or something more colorful, Summersalt offers you both.

Get the Face Covers (Pack of Three) from Summersalt for $32 32

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