Anna Duggar needs to pack her bags, urgency close to relatives


Amy Duggar is at it again.

She again speaks her mind, once again proves that she is not under the control of her aunt or uncle, and once again sends a very clear and decisive message to Anna Duggar.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old shared a photo of her beloved TV personality Alexis Rose of Cheetah Creek, giving followers a glimpse of the young woman trying to stuff a lot of clothes into a suitcase.

The message that Amy sent with this photo?

He may love you, but if he can’t love you properly and in a healthy way, you need to pack your bags.

Life is too short to make time for someone who can’t give you their whole heart [sic].

amy d advice

As you can see above, Amy never mentioned her cousin’s name.

But there is no bigger story right now than the Josh Duggar arrest scandal, which centers on the father of six being accused of downloading more than 200 photos/videos of minors being sexually assaulted/abused.

He faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of two counts of child pornography.

Despite allegations, and despite his acknowledged history of cheating on his wife and molesting young girls, Anna has remained on Josh’s side.

In her meme, Amy seems to acknowledge that Josh might love Anna in his own distorted way.

However, this method is clearly unhealthy and Josh is clearly unable to give Anna all of his heart.

So you must leave.

she she has Amy says here and she has also said it before.

A day before the meme referenced here was uploaded, Amy shared a quote It also appears to be directed at Anna.

“Don’t let anyone bring you down, and don’t let anyone take away your voice, your opinions, or your dreams. That’s what makes you. We weren’t created the same,” the letter read.

We are not robots!

“Do not abide by man-made rules, and do not think for a second that you are not worthy of love.

“You deserve a life full of adventure, curiosity, and freedom.”

amy king 1

Amy added at that time:

“Ladies, please don’t go through life trying to be as small and silent and relaxed and comfortable as possible.

“Speak your mind even if your voice trembles. Do not engage in extreme forms of modesty, possess your beauty, your intelligence and your energy.

“Be fierce and unapologetic, always.”

Amy King 2

All we can do at this point is hope – no, pray Anna takes this advice seriously.

Informed sources said that she has not said anything so far about her husband’s arrest She actually thinks Josh is innocent.

A special mention was made of Amy, who is Jim Bob Duggar’s niece who does not adhere to any of his strict rules or guidelines, in her comments anytime Josh’s topic has come up recently.

Amy and Anna D

“My heart goes out to all these sweet innocent victims,” ​​Amy said in her first statement on the matter. “It breaks my heart… I really hope that justice will be served.”


“I will only say that whatever you do in the dark comes out in the light.

“If you are going to look at such disgusting images, justice must be done.”

Later, on social media, Amy commented on the accusation that Josh had downloaded material for a child as young as 18 months old, writing:

“Looking at my little 19-month-old…my heart and mind can’t handle it. It just blows my mind.

“It’s heartbreaking, disgusting and evil. It’s so evil. I don’t want to do anything to it.”

Heartbreaking, disgusting and evil. It sums up what Josh was said to have done well, right?

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