Anna Duggar is the victim of an abusive family. She deserves sympathy, not contempt.


In the wake of Josh Duggar’s arrest on two counts of child pornography, a number of questions still revolve around everyone who follows the case:

Will the former reality star really go to jail?

Based on his past, do his family members find this acceptable?

Was Josh really the one to pretend More than 200 pictures of minors have been downloaded No more than five years old … or could he have been a co-worker at his vintage car dealership?

Anna / Josh Duggar pic

However, the next topic is perhaps the most pressing and confusing:

After all that her husband did and everything that her husband did, How Anna Duggar is still with the heck That man?

Many of the situation watchers think they have figured it all out.

They believe that there is only one real answer to this question, and this answer is often amidst many controversies, scandals, and questionable decisions …

… Capital.

Anna must be greedy, right?

You should yearn for the fame and fortune that comes with the Duggar name and you should be willing to put up with anything (seriously, in the literal sense of the word) WhichThing) in order to reap all the fruits of her seemingly unhealthy marriage.

For anyone presenting this issue, there is really only one appropriate response.

are you kidding?!?

First, what potential perks do you think Duggar’s son-in-law could have?

By all accounts, She lives in a warehouse Of Jim Bob and Michael’s properties; It’s anything but luxury.

Her husband hasn’t held a job in years and she lost her job as a member of Team 19 Kids and Counting due to Josh’s confession in 2015 that he touched his sisters inappropriately when he was 14.

How about the money that comes from the sub-supply, count on?

According to some accounts, Jim Bob takes everything and keeps it for himselfHe steals millions of his children.

Even if the claim is false, Anna definitely hasn’t watched a penny from the show, saying she has never appeared in it.

In the end, based on everything we know about Josh Duggar and his controlling parents, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn:

Anna Duggar is a victim of abuse.

She was 19 years old when she married Josh, and she is now pregnant with her seventh child at the age of 32.

Do the math and that means she’s had a baby in her womb for nine months, every two years, for 13 years now.

Do you think this is by choice?

Or, as Jill Duggar just came and admitted it to the world, do you think Jim Bob and Michael make it clear that all women who marry in their clan should reproduce at all times … at any cost?

“Growing up, it was so ingrained in me that if you didn’t have as many children as possible, there was something wrong with that,” I just told People magazine this week.

Anna, remember, she also comes from a very strict and very conservative family.

She met Josh as a teen at a homeschooling convention and married him at a televised party, which took advantage of him and his father.

According to family rules, of course, Anna and Josh were not allowed to kiss or show affection of almost any kind until they exchanged vows.

This is a person who was brought up in the belief that a woman’s place is not only in the home; It is to obey every whim of her husband and give him the largest possible number of children.

Did Anna ever have a chance to discover herself? To develop as a person and / or to find out what she really wants before her family basically abandon her?

Before she could drink legally, Anna was a mother.

Even after Josh admitted to molesting young girls and after also admitting that he cheated on her multiple times, Anna welcomed two children and is now expecting another child with this same pair.

Because it’s fair And therefore Tolerant and can see beyond these endless incomprehensible sins … or because she was brainwashed to think that this was her only share in life?

Do you really think Anna has any power here?

It is very safe to assume that she signed a prenuptial agreement that day.

it’s a equally It’s safe to assume that it has been made clear to her that if she tries to leave Josh … even if he utters one negative word about him … the Duggars will disown her and underestimate her.

She will be left with seven children under the age of 12, with no place to live and no money in her name.

This is a form of abuse.

She was emotionally abused and manipulated for years.

She is a member of a sect that she likely believed, when she got into it, that the sect would keep her safe, protected, make her feel loved, and give her purpose in life.

And this, tragically, is why so many insecure and missing people around the world fall prey to such dangerous traps.

You were the biggest hypocrite everJosh said in 2015 after the public learned of his betrayal.

“While I was observing faith and family values, I had been secretly watching Internet pornography for the past several years and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.”

Months before this confession, it turned out that Duggar had caressed the breasts and genitals of several of the victims while they slept in the family home.

Anna said she was aware of the allegations against her husband when she accepted his offer, but believed he had “humiliated himself before God.”

And here we are.

Josh Duggar could go to 40 years in prison for downloading material relating to the sexual abuse of children as young as 18 months old.

even in distance He learned that federal agents were investigating him for this crime, Josh Masharrab Anna.

Because someone with their backs and clear sexual desires really loves their wife and because they’re really committed to a family that keeps growing every 24 months or so?

And Anna agreed because she is so strong, insightful, forgiving, and willing to look into past crimes that are really as heinous as one can imagine?

Sure, you can believe it if you want to.

Or you can believe Anna felt she had no choice, no place to turn, and no place to go if she didn’t do exactly as Josh and his parents said.

If the accusations against Josh are true, there are a number of victims who are affected by his despicable actions.

But let’s never lose sight of the most prominent victim, the one who deserves every ounce of sympathy you must muster:

Anna Duggar.

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