Angelina Bevarnik fights Snooki in the epic Jersey Shore showdown!


As you know, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation It returns to MTV on Thursday 3 June.

As you might know, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is dating For the second half of the fourth season.

And to say things are awkward with Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick now, well …

That would be an understatement.

From the sounds of things, when Angelina and Snooki finally meet up at Jerzday … it’ll be explosive.

Angelina and co-stars Jenny, Dina, and Finney have all spoken TooFab In anticipation of the rest of the season.

Angelina confirmed that she and Snooki had not spoken before filming Season 4 B.

She underestimated her: “It is clear that we have not stopped working on the best terms.”

“I definitely wanted to sit with her with the girls,” Angelina explained.

Then she laughed, “You’ll see how it’s done this season.”

Angelina also shared that she didn’t go to Dina or Jenny for advice or advice before her sitting down with Snooki.

Angelina said, “I kind of had myself, in my head what I was going to say with her.”

She already knows “what I wanted to slice it up with.”

Angelina promised, “And you’ll definitely see how that happens when we have this sitting.”

Jenny had more details to share after that harassment.

She described, “The way they talked to each other was wild.”

Jenny admits, “Probably my favorite part of the season is what I’m looking forward to.”

Jenny specified that the most awaited moment is “when they get together and they talk”.

“I think it has become reckless,” she added.

“It’s what I loved the most about us,” Jenny said of this reckless feeling.

The stars have opened up about how they feel leaving Snooki and her now back.

“I personally thought it shut down completely [the door on returning], “Dina admitted.

She expressed her deep sadness for that.

Dina explained that she was sad “because I really thought it was just over and moving on.”

And she continued, “So when I decided to return, I was very happy and very relaxed.”

Dina was overjoyed “because I just missed the meatballs so much”.

“I was the opposite,” Jenny admitted.

“I’ve always been optimistic,” she said.

Jenny had high hopes “just because I always felt like it wasn’t complete without her.”

Jenny answered, “So she had to come back.”

Or, “she continued,” she should have watched us and be like, you guys, you guys suck without me. “

“I’ve always just wanted to have my meatballs,” Jenny said.

“And obviously, you can see in the preview that we were really shocked,” Jenny said.

“I had no idea it was going to be Mike’s sober anniversary party,” she admitted.

“Jenny” was “very excited and happy about what happened,” she added.

Meanwhile, Angelina said she always “had a feeling” that Nicole was coming back.

Finney shared that, in his mind, “I never felt like she was leaving.”

“We are all very close to each other,” he explained. “I was like,” You can take a little break but you won’t go. “

Snooki didn’t have to appear on the show to stay up to date.

Jenny revealed that the two were actually on FaceTime in the bathroom just moments before they had a conversation with Dr. Drew about Angelina’s drama.

“I kept her updated on every part of what I was doing,” she said.

Jenny explained that she did “because she is our best friend.”

And she continued, “She wanted to know as much as I know.”

“Because I went to Vegas late for everyone and kind of felt like an outsider, not a choice,” Jenny explained.

Jenny, of course, arrived late after recovering from TMJ surgery.

Jenny said, “So I’m venting on my boyfriend, so I kind of knew everything before it aired.”

“But I am sure she saw her, she might have seen her from a bigger perspective, we just talk about it,” she added.

According to Dina, the three women kept in touch during their “sister’s chat”.

She admitted to both of them that their male friends made her feel “slight pressure” to deal with Angelina.

When the episodes aired, they understood what they meant.

“We are always keeping each other informed,” said Dina.

And she stressed that “especially with the absence of Nicole, and we always told her that this is happening now and this is happening.”

Dina confirmed, “She is still part of the family, although she was not really there.”

Angelina and Finny were asked if they would consider taking a break like Snooki.

“I had had [a break] Angelina answered for 7 years, so I’m good at it, I never do it again.

Then she added, “Finney also took a short break.”

“Yeah, I left in time with some other personal issue and it’s a reality show,” Finney admitted.

He wisely noted: “Sometimes when your real life gets in the way, there is nothing you can do.”

We film a lot, Finney said, and there will be times when it can be too much for someone.

“Or someone has to deal with something,” Finney said.

He noted, “You should do what is best for yourself at the end of the day.”

As for the group chat that other ladies share, Angelina has never been allowed back … and she claims that this suits her perfectly.

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