Angela Deem: Listen, I’m friends with two other fiancé stars for 90 days! Don’t fire me!


fiancé 90 days Fans and viewers are tired of it Angela Deem’s bad behavior, on and off screen.

Fan petitions to get her fired from the show were enough to deliver لتقديم Melt Angela angrily.

Now, it looks like Angela is trying a new approach to win over some critics and secure her place in the franchise.

For the first time ever, she’s rubbing elbows with other stars instead of squabbling with them.

Sometimes Angela Deem seems to be hoping that if she smiles enough on Instagram, people will forget who she really is.

We don’t blame her for celebrating her new body after several cosmetic procedures and losing weight for months.

But Angela seems to think so fiancé 90 days The fans are fools. are we?

Angela Deem hanging out with

Angela recently shared a picture of her with “The Real Queen” Debbie Johnson.

We’ll say a lot of people have been unfair to Debbie over the years, so it’s good to see her gain some public praise.

But… is it Angela who should be filled with praise?

This get-together, most likely in Vegas (where Angela enjoyed her birthday dinner this week) is just part of it.

Earlier in July, we all saw Angela in the orbit of several 90-day fiancee faces.

One of them was the legendary blogger John Yates. The other was Tiffany Franco, Angela’s classmate.

John is a reliable source for cast and production leaks, but it seems to have forgiving The nature we don’t share.

(has friendly interactions with Jeffrey Bachell)

We also don’t know why Tiffany, by all accounts, a good person and an excellent mother, would willingly spend time with Angela.

Angela Deem Screams She's American "The land of freedom"

Of course, we don’t believe in association guilt.

Angela is verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, and so disrespectful to others that sometimes we wonder if she fully understands it They are human too.

This is not how we or anyone would describe Tiffany, John, or Debbie.

Angela Deem opens her mouth in shock and anger

Fans and bloggers were at a loss.

This represents a big change for Angela.

In the past, she would openly quarrel with a classmate fiancé 90 days Cast Members – She didn’t go out of her way to be buddies with them.

Angela Deem makes fun of her husband out loud

Of course we can’t begin to explain why Angela does any of the things she does.

We are not psychiatrists, and we can only speculate on her thought process.

And frankly, not everything is a diagnosis. Some people are just basically bad people, deadlock.

Angela Deem goes to Michael for the goofball association, which indicates fertility

Angela’s verbal and emotional abuse of Michael Elisanmi is relentless.

He walks on eggshells when he talks to her, especially if they disagree on anything.

Yelling that you’re doing… well, in a more civilized world, that would be illegal. As it is, it’s hard to watch.

Angela Deem shouts insults at her husband over the phone

Angela’s treatment of Michael may resemble the behavior of a feral animal, making noises because he is angry.

But in this case, there is a way to go crazy for Angela.

She wants to keep Michael submissive.

Angela Deem smokes and blames her husband again

If you keep him on his toes, nervous that anything might be bothering her, he will try very hard to please her.

it’s a very Common assault tactic.

And yes, unless a good deal of what we’ve seen on screen is made out entirely, which we don’t know about how the show works, Angela is a bad guy.

Angela Deem smokes in the kitchen like it's a purge

However, not all of Angela’s bad behavior is something that bothers viewers and can simply be presented quickly.

Celebrating with her daughter convicted of child molestation on the Fourth of July was bad in many ways.

First, because Angela’s grandchildren also appeared there.

Scotty Deem on July 4, 2021 via John Yates

Second, frankly, what is the ideal number of known sexual predators that should attend any party?

This answer is zero. Sexual predation spoils life.

It’s not a problematic tweet. It’s brutal behaviour.

Scotty Deem Was Spotted At Angela's House (via That Mom Says Bad Words)

Is the cute smile and fading of some photographs enough to win over some critics? I hope not.

But given how many people subscribe to Angela’s quirky abomination for Strong Woman, you probably don’t need to.

There are enough Angela fans (not to mention xenophobic racists who think Michael “deserves” it) that Angela is never held accountable.

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