Amelia Hamlin: I am not jealous of Kourtney because I am not insecure!


We are all fully aware of that Scott Disick is dating Amelia Hamlin.

She isn’t the only 19-year-old model from a dated celebrity family.

It was the avid ex-girlfriend Sophia Richie, who fits this description perfectly.

But there is one major difference between the two: Amelia doesn’t give a sneak peek at Kourtney.

Scott will always have Kourtney Kardashian in his life.

why? Well, they have years of history together and their brands and jobs are intertwined.

Most importantly, they share three children. This will always bind them

This was an issue, according to numerous reports and Scott’s own statements, for Sofia Richie.

She gave her it all, and she went on “family vacations” with Scott, Courtney, the kids, and more.

But in the end, Scott’s relationship with Kourtney was just too much … and when he refused to make it the priority, it was over.

But Amelia, despite her superficial resemblance to Sophia, appears to be cut from a different fabric.

She is reportedly not jealous of Scott’s friendly parenting relationship with Kourtney.

She seems not to be against his “loose, rich” lifestyle in general.

Scott presented in two worlds.

On the one hand, he is a 37-year-old millionaire in apparent denial of his age.

On the other hand, he is a loyal father of three who wants to put his kids first.

These can be two difficult sides of a coin to reconcile.

What gets even more complicated is the type of woman that Scott is interested in dating.

It turns out that not a lot of the barely legal 19-year-old model interested in competing for his interest with three kids and an ex-partner.

But reports say Scott is currently focusing on how Amelia feels about Kourtney.

It’s not just about their personal feelings, but how you feel about their entire dynamics, history, and situation.

He and Amelia are more serious than ever, so how fit her fit into his life is now a much bigger deal.

Scott and Amelia recently spent Easter holidays together.

Amelia is spotted at a family dinner with Scott and his kids: Mason, Penelope and Raine.

Things looked quite friendly … because Amelia reportedly has no issues with arranging.

An insider source told Us Weekly recently, “Amelia didn’t bother Courtney.”

“Scott and Amelia were enjoying spending a lot of time together,” the insider continued.

The source details that they were “hanging out with their friends.”

The insider described that “their relationship was heating up.”

Note the source, “You can totally say they’re serious.”

Part of the key to this appears to be Scott making thoughtful choices to facilitate Amelia.

The insider revealed that “Scott’s relationship with Amelia is different from his previous relationship.”

“He spends more time with Amelia and not Courtney,” the source explained in detail.

Hmmm … we wonder how long that could last.

“Sophia was jealous of her relationship with Kourtney,” the insider admitted.

“And this time it is not an issue,” the source added.

When Scott is no longer avoiding Kourtney, will that change the subject matter? Only time will tell.

Sofia Richie, for her part, has moved on.

She and her 27-year-old boyfriend Elliott Grange have officially become Instagram.

Sophia and the Music Director don’t have to deal with any mama kids’ drama, and she’s the best.

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