A Texas anti-choice activist admits the bounty hunter law is a way for men to control the women in their lives


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Anti-abortion groups monitor their tip lines for an opportunity to go after someone. Their efforts are complicated by A barrage of fake advice TikTokers and other vandals are coming for good, but they don’t give up.

Clinics that provide abortions in Texas said they would follow the law, although it would force them to refuse the vast majority of women who previously could have access to legal abortions. Not many women know yet that they are pregnant within six weeks, which actually comes About four weeks after conceptionTwo weeks after a missed period, if The woman in question has a regular cycle.

One doctor said New York times she had He wanted to defy the law But she concluded that it was too risky not only for her but for her employees.

“If this is a criminal ban, we’ll know what it is and what we can and can’t do,” said Dr. Jessica Rubino of the Austin Center for Women’s Health. But this ban has civil implications. Requires a lawyer to go to court. Requires attorneys’ fees. Then $10,000 if we don’t win. What happens if everyone gets sued, not just me? “

But it’s inevitable that at some point, someone will try to take advantage of the law by stalking a woman, her friend, her doctor, or anyone else for $10,000 plus attorney fees plus sheer personal cruelty. And anti-abortion activists know what they’re doing here. Washington Post Reports Pro-Life Waco Board Member Bob Lehman “pShe stated that parents and other relatives would report the abortions their female relatives had, because they were unhappy with their daughters or sisters’ choice not to carry on with the pregnancy.”

Directly, this is an intentional mechanism for men to control the women in their lives using the power of the state. Law advocates know this. They depend on it.

It’s also possible that an angry bounty hunter targeted at least one woman after she miscarried. According to the Mayo Clinic, “About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and this occurs largely in the first trimester of pregnancy, when 91% of miscarriages Happen or occur. Some abusive and controlling creep will decide to go on guard because he mistook the abortion for an abortion. It would provide a great legal test case for the law when that happens, but it shouldn’t come to that.

Currently, women in Texas are forced to remain pregnant because they have not taken a pregnancy test within two days after a missed period and immediately contact an abortion provider. (Hey, remember when Republicans wanted women to take so long to decide to request an abortion? That it required all kinds of waiting periods? Now you have two weeks from the time you know you’re pregnant make the decision, get an appointment, and have the procedure.) And of course, like most moves Republic, this will be more difficult for low-income women. Women who have the financial means to take days off from work and get a ticket to get out of state and stay in a hotel will be fine, as they always have been.

Democrats need Represent. Angry statements and promises of a hearing sometime are not good enough here.

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