A second federal investigation is underway looking into Rudy Giuliani’s actions in Ukraine


Such as New York times Reports indicate that federal prosecutors are now investigating whether a group of Ukrainian officials launched a scheme to use Trump to get the things they want in exchange for false information that Rudy Giuliani might spread in hopes of hurting President Joe Biden. Which … yes. Yes, it did. And it was already Well documented by home investigators.

It was apparent from months ago that Giuliani had had an affair with both of them The oligarchy is exiled Dmytro Vertach Corrupt officials like Representative Andre Dirkach. Vertach, who is also linked to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and employs Trump’s attorney Joe DeGenova and Victoria Tuncing, gave Giuliani the accused Igor Froman and Lev Parnas To serve as his guides for the Ukrainian underworld. With both Trump and Vertach penciled in, Giuliani had no trouble finding plenty of people willing to sign off on the statements that stained Biden – even if it was some of those same people. Folded immediately upon being interrogated They admit that they were just trying to “win” Trump.

However, Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine had some very dangerous consequences, including giving power to the soldiers who do so. Wanted an American ambassador out of the way So that they can increase their level of corruption. Giuliani cheerfully served the role, helping to insult and fire an ad hoc professional official so he could persuade fraudsters to sign his scheme.

Now that Giuliani is the subject of Ongoing criminal investigation which has Watch his home and office raid, It looks like the pretenders are also looking at the people on the other end of the tube. Special attention appears to be focused on Dirkash. Dirkash was named by the intelligence community as an “active Russian agent” and sanctioned by the Treasury. He is also one of Giuliani’s main sources for lawsuits against Biden and his son Hunter.

It appears that the only person defending Dirkache is Giuliani, who said in an interview, “I have no reason to believe that he is a Russian agent.” He said that after an official warning that Dirkash … is a Russian agent. It is a very important denial of Giuliani.

The federal case against Giuliani appears to focus on the extent to which he acted as an unregistered foreign agent for Ukrainian agents in pressuring Trump to take measures such as sacking Ambassador Mary. Jovanovic. Giuliani did something like the trick of corrupt former officials backed by the oligarchy who couldn’t even set foot on his country for fear of arrest … that’s bad. But if it turns out that Giuliani did this as the known partner of someone who has been identified as an active agent of Russia … then it is much worse.

This investigation is located in the US Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, and appears to be running parallel to the investigation into Giuliani’s activities at the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan. We hope they share the notes.

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