A parent opposing the Arkansas transgender control bill was arrested for exceeding the 30-second speaking time


In an interview with LGBTQ + Publications With them. On Tuesday, Atiq said they were shocked “to sit there in jail thinking that this is what happens when you talk to people about the impact of their proposed laws on your children.” “They don’t want to hear that,” Attig stressed. They put you in jail. “

While making their statement, Atig called the anti-trans legislation unconstitutional and presented himself as an employer who “pays tens of thousands of dollars in taxes to this state and employs transgender workers. … you were offended that you would be wasting the limited taxpayers’ resources paid to lawyers to defend this Childish nonsense in federal court. ” Atig, the father of a 22-year-old transgender son, told lawmakers that there are “more races” and “more biological races” than they will ever understand.

Attig also noted that “diversity and inclusion are good for business” and that “no economy has thrived in world history under hate politics.” They also brought up North Carolina (likely referring to state bathroom bills) as an example of states losing business due to exclusionary legislation.

Within two minutes, Republican Rep. Jack Liedman told Ateg that time was up. Attig kept talking about what appeared to be a pre-written statement, was told that time was up, and then lawmakers cut off Attig’s microphone. The security forces were directed to remove them as they continued to speak, and according to Tiq, they were taken to the local prison in a police car, where they spent several hours.

To speak to With them.Atiq indicated that this particular legislation would not actually help their son, because he was no longer a minor. However, Atig still feels the need to be an advocate for transgender people of all ages, telling the enforcer: “Whether these laws target someone over or under the age of 18, the only message they send is there is no objection to bullying people. Transgender people and their persecution. ” Attig summed up one of the big issues with these bills, saying, “It says, ‘The legislature is doing this, so why can’t I? ”

If this law sounds oddly familiar, it’s because it got a lot of attention after Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson veto In early April, citing her government’s overreach. Soon after Hutchinson’s veto was used, lawmakers voted to override the veto and make the bill into law. As of now, the law will take effect in the state starting in July.

You can watch Attig’s testimonial video below, uploaded to YouTube.

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