7 perfect (and eco-friendly) outdoor gear items


Manufacturers As Patagonia is at the forefront of the movement to create sustainable, Environmentally friendly business. Now, many other brands of outdoor clothing and equipment are following suit. After I just entered Earth dayAnd head out into the summer by a stretch The expected increase In outdoor users, it is time to prepare and discover new outdoor fashions and goods without increasing the size of your environmental footprint. Here are some suggestions.

Big Agnes Tiger Wall

Solution dyed fabrics require less energy, less water and less chemical amount to produce than regular textiles. As an added bonus, this approach to manufacturing also results in fabrics with greater UV resistance – a huge advantage in building long-lasting tents in the countryside. Big Agnes It is the first company to market a range of solution-dyed tents, including the multi-use Tiger Wall UL2, a two-person shelter for three seasons and under three pounds – perfect for backpackers and backpackers.
[$399, bigagnes.com]

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Dragon glasses

Like so many other aspects of our lives, your favorite shades come with a dirty secret: They’re most likely made of plastic. To reduce the impact of plastic production and the impact of microplastics on the world’s oceans, every pair of them the Dragon‘s Recycled The sunglasses set is made from the waste of five plastic water bottles. The new Finch LL is a perfect match for younger, classic-looking faces.
[$129, dragonalliance.com]

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Chaco sandals

Chaco Sandals are a long-time favorite of the river types for their durability and repairability, with replaceable soles and other repair options. The company claims to have kept more than 25,000 pairs of sandals out of landfills in 2019 alone, introducing new straps for all of its Z Series sandals. The lightweight Z / Volv 2 sandal raises the bar with 25 percent recycled content – along with the same comfortable straps and great grip you’d expect.
[$90, chacos.com]

Smart Wall

Smart Wall It garnered some strong environmental credit with its time-limited program Recycle old socks In new locations. Meanwhile, the proven Performance Hike socks are upgraded using recycled nylon and responsibly sourced wool.
[$19-23, smartwool.com]

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Thermarest blanket

Many sleeping bag manufacturers, including THERMARSTAdherence to the Responsible Fuzz Standard to ensure isolation is obtained from human sources. The Vela Double Quilt combines a unique design for two with solid environmental standards. This bag, rated at 20 degrees, allows you to relax with your partner to save on package weight and more.
[$369, thermarest.com]

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Wolfskin jacket

Jack Wolfskan Turned to international Bluesen Certificate To check the sustainability of its textiles. The lightweight, budget-friendly Jwp shell earns its environmental lines from recycled materials (including the waterproof membrane) and does not use CFCs, which are powerful greenhouse gases. The jacket is admirably waterproof and breathable enough for moderate excretory activities.
[$129, us.jackwolfskin.com]

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Kodiak shoes

KodiakClassic Skogan hiking shoes feature classic ’80s style, cool support, viscous traction and water-repellent fabrics – made entirely of Environmentally friendly materials. The company’s long list of sustainability standards includes responsibly sourced leather, vegan footbed materials, and recycled plastics for uppers and straps.
[$155, kodiakboots.com]

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