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I’ve played fantasy football for a very long time. You also probably played fantasy football for a long time. What 40 million of us do, CNN reported last yearAnd the business grew into a multi-billion dollar endeavor as more and more people piled in.

There are two ways to win a fantasy football league. The first is to find a league with a group of people who don’t follow football closely, taking advantage of their lack of knowledge, and tricking them into recruiting bad players rather than just crafting a mechanism. The second way is to put in a lot of thought and preparation for your team, and then get lucky. In other words, there is no easy way to win a competitive league, but there are some basic strategies to follow.

Whether 2021 is your first time or your 20th time playing fantasy football, here are five tricks of the trade that I hope will lead you to dominance this fall.

1. If you don’t know what you’re doing, auto-draft is fine.

There’s a reason some fictional GMs don’t want other teams in their league to auto-draft: The machines have gotten too clever. You will end up with a totally awesome fantasy football team if you let the bot choose it for you. Will you win your league? Mostly not. But the auto-draft functionality on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and other fictional platforms will generally make it easier for you to write a competent list.

These algorithms take the highest consensus player (a consensus by “experts” or computers, anyway), and they’ll gradually fill your list from there. You won’t end up taking a defense or a shot in the fifth round.

2. If you’re not autophrasing, put some thought into your choices.

You won’t do a better job of the machine if you don’t do any research and then hit the hand shots on the fly. To prepare, review some cheat sheets to see how different players stack across them all. This makes it unlikely that you will find a stranger, fall in love with this player, and recruit him too early. ESPNAnd CBS, And NBC They all offer fantasy ratings. Get on the ground, and give yourself a chance to be lucky once the toe meets the skin.

3. You need running backs, and you need them early.

Contestants, in general, are the most valuable producers in most fictional forms. They get the ball the most, they get carried away when teams are near the goal line, and in the NFL which increasingly rely on their backs to be pass catchers, they get more points in the PPR (point per reception) leagues.

Someone in your league may decide that they can find the dip later in the draft or on the waiver wire later in the year. They will justify the decision by noting that running rises and falls rapidly in the modern NFL. They do, but anyone else He’ll also be looking to catch some superstars running for three touchdowns in Week 6. It’s best to get one early. Follow this same advice if you’re using an auction draft format: Invest in trusted regional offices.

4. Most of the narrow ends are pretty much the same. bone.

Travis Kelsey of the Kansas City Chiefs and Darren and President of the Las Vegas Riders deserve early fantasy picks because they are basically wide receivers in narrow-ended bodies. It might turn out that George Kettle of the San Francisco 49ers is just as valuable. After that, things get tough.

I don’t feel confident telling you that your season depends on whether you’re drafting a 4th or 9th tight end on your board, especially if the 9th tight end is a young player who seems to have some upswing. Maybe we’re looking at Kyle Bates, the rookie rookie for the Atlanta Falcons whose cheat sheets ranked sixth among the tight ends. It might be in the top three. Likewise, someone like Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens might rank fourth or fifth on your board and become the seventh or eighth most expensive TE.

5. Don’t craft a defense or kicker even well after, after You think you need one.

For one thing, it’s extremely difficult to predict which of these players will score you the most fantasy points – especially kickers, whose output often drops to the number of times their attacks stop at goal range without a touchdown. On the other hand, the difference between the best and the rest is not so great in these situations. In a record scoring format in 2020, the most valuable imaginary defense (the Los Angeles Rams) was worth 9.9 points per week. The 12th best defense (i.e. the worst starting defense in the 12-team Fantasy League) was the New England Patriots at 5.6.

It’s fun to say that you have the best shot in your league. It just won’t help you Wins league.

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